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16th June, 2023 Environment

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  • Celebrations to mark this day were held around the globe.
  • In India, these celebrations were initiated by The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India.
  • As a part of celebrations, a one day-long event was organized in New Delhi.
  • The celebrations witnessed discussions surrounding Wind Energy success, progress and potential in India 

Other Details

  • Theme of celebration was ‘Pawan – Urja: Powering the Future of India’.
  • It was attendedby many stakeholders like ministers, officials, academia, partner organizations from industry, think-tanks etc.
  • These celebrations served many purposes which are discussions on –
    • Accelerate the adoption of wind energy.
    • Offshore Wind development.
    • Capacity building of manufacturing ecosystem of wind energy.
    • Deep discussions on progress of Wind Energy in India.
    • Finance, specially Green finance, for development of Wind Energy projects.
  • An intent to achieve the target of 500 GW renewable energy, by 2030, was reaffirmed.
  • A Wind Atlas, was launched in this event. This wind Atlas is prepared by National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE).

Contribution of states in wind energy sector

  • The states, especially Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, were appreciate for their significant contribution to promotion of wind energy.
    • Rajasthan – for achieving the highest addition of wind capacity.
    • Gujarat - for achieving the highest addition of wind capacity but through open access.
    • Tamilnadu – for its initiative to repower wind turbines.

Wind energy status of India

  • Wind power capacity – 4th rank in the world.
  • The total installed capacity of wind power - 41 GW (as of May 2022).
  • Onshore wind energy potential at 150 meter above ground level - 1,164 GW approximately.
  • Offshore wind energy potential - 194GW.
  • Domestic wind manufacturing capacity – 15 GM.

Global wind day

  • This event is celebrated across the world on June 15 every year.
  • This day is dedicated to discover and identify ways to incorporate wind energy into our daily lives.
  • It identifies the possibilities of the wind power in shaping our system of energy, which is mainly based on fossil fuel.
  • It will help in making life on planet earth more sustainable.
  • This shift to renewable sources of energy, like wind power, can enable the countries to provide more employment and can boost the economic growth of nations.

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National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai

  • It is a Chennai based autonomous institute to support Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
  • The institute was established in 1998 and is dedicated to research in Energy Sciences.
  • This knowledge-based institution has an aim
    • To make India self-reliant in developing wind energy.
    • To find solution related to wind energy development.
    • To exploit its wind potential to its fullest.


India has an enormous potential to general its energy from renewable sources. Justify in context of Wind Energy. Also highlight the importance of days, like Global wind day, in the efforts to make energy choices more sustainable. (150 words)