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Geo-polymer aggregate from fly ash


Context: After its successful research project of laying road with geo-polymer substance, a material made using 90% fly ash content in it, NTPC-Ramagundam has now developed geo-polymer coarse aggregates as a replacement to natural aggregates for use in building construction.

  • The material is developed as part of the concept of waste-to-best to make best use of fly ash generated in the thermal power plant.
  • Technical parameters of the newly developed substance was tested by the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCCBM) at Hyderabad as per the Indian standards for its suitability to use in concrete works.
  • The council has found the parameters of the material to be in the acceptable range and recommended it for use in building construction as a substitute for natural aggregates such as cement.
  • “Geo-polymer aggregate will not only increase fly ash utilisation but also saves the environment.
  • Further, requirement of land for ash pond will be negligible.
  • In fact, fly ash based geo-polymer mortar will act as a binding agent.
  • The geo-polymer aggregates will help in reducing carbon emission and has great potential for reduction of water consumption.
  • According to one estimate, the requirement of aggregates for infrastructure development in the country is about 2,000 million tonnes every year.
  • The aggregate developed by NTPC-Ramagundam from fly ash will help in meeting the demand to a great extent and will also reduce the impact on environment caused by natural aggregates which require quarrying of natural stone.