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19th June, 2023 MISCELLANEOUS

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Context: Gita Press, Gorakhpur conferred the Gandhi Peace Prize 2021


  • The Gandhi Peace Prize is an annual award given by the Government of India to individuals or organisations that have made outstanding contributions towards social, economic and political transformation through non-violence and other Gandhian methods.
  • The prize was instituted in 1995 on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and the apostle of peace.
  • The award carries a cash prize of Rs 1 crore (about $130,000), a plaque and a citation.

Gandhi Peace Prize 2021

  • This year, the prize for 2021 has been conferred on Gita Press, Gorakhpur, a renowned publishing house of Hindu religious texts and literature.
  • The decision was taken by a jury headed by the Prime Minister of India, who praised Gita Press for its commendable work over the last 100 years towards furthering social and cultural transformations among the people.

Gita Press

  • Gita Press was established in 1923 by Jaya Dayal Goyandka and Ghanshyam Das Jalan to promote and spread the principles of Sanatan Dharma, the Hindu religion, among the general public.
  • The press has published over 93 crore copies of more than 1,850 titles in 15 languages, including copies of its monthly magazine 'Kalyan', which was started in 1926. Some of its most popular publications are 'Shrimad Bhagavad Gita', 'Ramcharitmanas', 'Upanishads', 'Puranas' and 'Mahabharata'.
  • The press has never relied on advertisement for revenue generation and has always sold its books and magazines at highly subsidised prices.

Promoting the Gandhian ideals

  • Gita Press has also played a significant role in promoting the Gandhian ideals of peace and social harmony through its publications.
  • It has disseminated the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and other eminent saints and leaders who advocated non-violence, truth, compassion and service to humanity. It has inspired generations of Indians to follow the path of righteousness and spirituality.

The conferment of the Gandhi Peace Prize on Gita Press is a recognition of its outstanding contribution towards social, economic and political transformation through non-violent and other Gandhian methods. It is also a tribute to its vision and mission of spreading the message of Sanatan Dharma, the eternal law of life, to all sections of society.


Q. Which of these criteria is not used for selecting the Gandhi Peace Prize winner?

A) Contribution to social, economic and political transformation through non-violence and other Gandhian methods

B) Contribution to the promotion of peace and harmony among people and nations

C) Contribution to the protection of human rights and democracy

D) Contribution to the advancement of science and technology for human welfare

Answer: D