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17th June, 2023 Environment

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  • On various beaches of southeast Texas in USA, dead fish numbering tens of thousands were washed up.
  • This accentuated the risk of being exposed to bacteria and sharp fins and hence public was asked to stay away from these beaches.

Other Details

  • The main type of fish found in these dead fishes was mostly menhaden.
  • However other fishes like catfish, bass, sharks, trout, bass, and stingrays were also found dead.

Fish Kill

  • The phenomenon when there is sudden and unexpected death of acquatic animals, including fish, due to variety of reasons is referred to as fish kill.
  • This phenomenon is usual in Texas during summers.

Reasons for fish kill

  • Fish may be suffocated due to reduced and low level of dissolved oxygen in water.

Rise in sea temperature

  • It makes ocean water, especially shallow water, warmer and reduce the oxygen holding capacity of water.
  • Hence it is difficult for Aquatic animal to breathe.
  • This leads to the unexpected and erratic activities of fish which further depletes oxygen in water.
  • Hence these deaths are attributed to these extremely low levels of dissolved oxygen.

Calm seas

  • There is no mixing of waves and winds.
  • It may reduce the dissolved oxygen and leads to the low levels of oxygen.

Cloudy sky

  • It prohibits/hampers the process of photosynthesis by phytoplankton.
  • Oxygen is generated as the by-product of this process.
  • As there is reduced or no sunlight due to presence of clouds, oxygen generation impacted.
  • It leads to the low levels of dissolved oxygen available to aquatic animals.

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Explain the phenomenon of fish kill. Highlight the possible reasons contributing to this phenomenon. Also suggest measure which can be adopted to minimize the instances of fish kill. (250 words)