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Either relocate elephants or pay compensation, Army tells Assam govt

6th November, 2020 Ecology

Context: The Army has asked the Assam government to either relocate elephants of a wildlife sanctuary adjoining its base on the eastern edge of Guwahati or compensate for the damages caused by animals during frequent raids.

  • State should consider moving the elephants out of the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary or compensate for the losses incurred because of them.

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is a wildlife sanctuary located on the eastern fringe of Guwahati, Assam, India.
  • The sanctuary is known for hosting rare and endangered birds and animals, including the Chinese pangolin and Assamese Macaque.
  • Prior to 2004, the area was made up of 3 individual reserved forests, the Amchang reserve forest, South Amchang forest reserve and Khanapara reserve forest.