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13th March, 2024 Environment


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Picture Courtesy: https://nithasugathan.blogspot.com/2015/07/eenthu-pidi.html

Context: Eenthu Pana (Cycas circinalis) in Kerala is under threat of extinction due to an unknown and fast-spreading plant disease.


  • Eenthu Pana, scientifically known as Cycas circinalis, is under serious threat of extinction in northern Kerala due to a rapidly spreading and unnamed plant disease. The disease is killing these trees, some of which are decades or centuries old.
  • Farmers and residents complain as the old Eenthu Pana trees die, with no clear solution for the disease. The lack of targeted research and action strategies raises concerns about the eventual eradication of these unique plants.

Eenthu Pana

  • Eenthu Pana is a rare palm-like tree native to Kerala.
  • It holds significant cultural and ecological value for the region.
  • The tree is recognized for its medicinal and nutritional value.
  • Its seeds are high in dietary fibre and can be turned into flour for use in a variety of traditional meals, including Eenthu Payasam, a type of cereal made with partially crushed seeds, and Eenthu Pidi, flour balls cooked in coconut milk.
  • Eenthu Pana flour has long been used as a source of sustenance in Kerala's tribal populations.
  • The seeds are said to have medicinal properties and are used as dietary supplements to treat diabetes.


  • Concerns have been raised about the declining Eenthu Pana population in specific regions of Kerala as a result of a rare disease, highlighting the need for immediate research, action plans, and collaborative efforts, while farmers emphasise the importance of engaging agricultural authorities to address the issue and prevent the extinction of this valuable tree.


Q. What is Eenthu Pana, a term frequently seen in the news?

A) Newly discovered frog species

B) Malware

C) Plant species facing extinction 

D) Most venomous snake

Answer: C