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Discovery of New Archaeological Sites in Telangana


Discovery of New Archaeological Sites in Telangana

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  • In recent archaeological explorations in Telangana, three significant sites have been discovered, shedding light on the region's ancient history and cultural heritage.
  • These discoveries, ranging from megalithic monuments to rock art sites, offer valuable insights into the life and times of ancient civilizations that once thrived in these areas.

Megalithic Monuments in Dense Forest

  • One of the discoveries includes more than 200 megalithic monuments found in the dense forest and slopes of a hill.
  • These monuments, believed to be dating back to around 1,000 BCE, are predominantly of the 'Dolmenoid Cists' type, characterized by squarish or rectangular shapes.
  • What sets these monuments apart is their unique construction, where the side slabs are arranged following the shape of the cap-stone, resulting in each 'dolmenoid cist' having a unique shape dictated by the cap-stone.

Unique Iron Age Megalithic Site

  • Another significant discovery is an Iron Age megalithic site at Ooragutta near Bandala village in SS Tadvai mandal of Mulugu district.
  • Discovered by a team of archaeologists, this site showcases new types of monuments not found elsewhere in India, indicating a distinct architectural style and cultural practice.
  • The monuments at this site are particularly intriguing due to their unique features and construction, suggesting a high level of craftsmanship and architectural planning.

Rock Art Sites at Damaratogu

  • Additionally, two new rock art sites have been discovered at Damaratogu in Gundala mandal of Bhadradri Kothagudem district.
  • One of these sites, known as 'Devarlabanda Mula', exclusively depicts animals and no humans, suggesting a cultural significance possibly related to hunting or animal worship.
  • The absence of weapons or domestic animals in the paintings indicates that these artworks may belong to the mesolithic age, dating anywhere between 8000 – 3000 BCE.

Significance of Discoveries

  • These discoveries not only enrich our understanding of the region's ancient past but also underscore the need for further archaeological exploration and preservation efforts.
  • The unique architectural styles and cultural practices reflected in these sites highlight the rich heritage of Telangana and its contribution to the broader narrative of Indian history.


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