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‘Diplomatic’ Olympic boycott                                    

10th December, 2021 International News

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The story so far: U.S. Government will not send any official representation to the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, due to start on February 4, 2022, announcing what is being called a “diplomatic boycott” of the games.

  • China, slammed the move as a “political stunt” and said the Olympics “were not a stage for political posturing and manipulation”.
  • The spat over the Winter Olympics is the latest clash between the S. and China, adding to a long list of differences on trade, Taiwan, human rights and the South China Sea.

What does a ‘diplomatic boycott’ of the games mean?

  • A “diplomatic boycott” means no U.S. official will be present at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.
  • This stops short of a complete boycott, which would have meant the non-participation by U.S. athletes.
  • S. said that the decision was taken because these games, could not be treated as such because of China’s “human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang against Uighurs (Muslim minority)”.
  • Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have also announced that their officials will not be present at the games.

How is China reacting to the boycott?

  • On the one hand, Beijing has sought to play down the impact saying the concerned countries were not invited, while on the other, its Foreign Ministry threatened “countermeasures”, as yet unspecified.