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11th November, 2023 Polity


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Context: The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting approves the "Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023," enabling the Central Bureau of Communication, the government's advertising wing, to conduct campaigns in the digital media space.

Key points in the Digital Advertisement Policy 2023

Objective and Rationale

  • Empowerment of the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) for digital media campaigns.
  • Response to the changing media landscape and increased digitalization of media consumption.

The Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) operates under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and is responsible for creating awareness and disseminating information about various government programs, schemes, and policies in India.

Shift to Digital Media

  • The policy recognizes the changing landscape of media consumption, with a substantial movement towards digital platforms.
  • This acknowledgement is crucial as it reflects an awareness of the evolving preferences of the audience.

OTT and Video on Demand (VOD) Empowerment

  • The CBC, the government's advertising arm, is granted the authority to engage with agencies and organizations operating in the Over-The-Top (OTT) and Video on Demand (VOD) space.
  • This step indicates a strategic move to tap into the viewership on digital streaming platforms and cater to the changing habits of the audience.

Mobile Application Outreach

  • A significant development is the ability of the government to convey public service campaign messages through mobile applications.
  • This recognizes the prevalence of mobile apps in everyday life and aims to utilize them as a channel for government communication.

Social Media Platform Integration

  • Acknowledging the role of social media platforms in public discourse, the policy streamlines the process of government advertisements on these platforms.
  • Empowering the CBC to empanel digital media agencies for broader outreach on social media indicates a commitment to leveraging popular channels for communication.

Dynamic Adaptation to Digital Landscape

  • Recognizing the dynamic nature of the digital space, the policy allows the CBC to incorporate new and innovative communication platforms.
  • This adaptive approach ensures that the government can stay relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Competitive Bidding for Transparency

  • Introducing competitive bidding for rate discovery brings transparency to the process of allocating resources for digital advertising.
  • This move is likely to foster efficiency and fairness in the selection of agencies for government campaigns.

Three-Year Rate Validity

  • Rates discovered through the competitive bidding process will remain valid for three years.
  • This provides stability and predictability in financial planning for the government's advertising initiatives.

Enhanced Digital Outreach through CBC

  • The CBC is positioned as the designated organization for issuing advertisements through all forms of media.
  • This includes traditional as well as digital media, emphasizing the CBC's role in amplifying the reach of government messages.

Stakeholder Collaboration and Discussion

  • The policy formulation involved wide-ranging discussions with multiple stakeholders.
  • This collaborative approach ensures that the perspectives of various entities are considered, contributing to a well-rounded and inclusive policy.


  • The Digital Advertisement Policy 2023 reflects a strategic and adaptive approach by the government to leverage the digital media landscape for effective communication. The policy aims to capitalize on the popularity of digital platforms, ensure transparency in advertising practices, and enhance the government's outreach in the dynamic digital age.

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