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15th January, 2024 Economy


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Context: Complaints about Digi Yatra involve unauthorized facial biometric data collection, deceptive enrollment practices, and privacy concerns.

Key Highlights

  • Unauthorized Data Collection: Security personnel and private staff were reportedly collecting facial biometrics at airport entry gates without passengers' consent or knowledge of the Digi Yatra app.
  • Deceptive Enrollment Practices: Complaints arose regarding the "coercive and deceptive" manner in which both private staff and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel were enrolling passengers for Digi Yatra. Passengers claimed their photos were taken without permission, and consent for Digi Yatra was provided on their behalf.
  • Enrollment Drive Explanation: The CEO of Digi Yatra Foundation mentioned that the enrollment surge in December was part of a "day of travel" drive for those who hadn't registered before. This was intended to allow passengers to experience Digi Yatra and understand its benefits.
  • Data Collection Process: Passengers register on the app by providing personal details and uploading a selfie for facial recognition. At airports, facial scans and boarding pass scans create a unique travel ID. The data is used as a token for subsequent checkpoints.
  • Privacy Concerns: While the government claims no central storage of passenger data, concerns exist about data protection. The Digi Yatra policy mentions adherence to data protection laws, but with the absence of finalized rules, uncertainties about data security persist. 

About Digi Yatra

  • Digi Yatra, initiated by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation in December, aims for seamless airport processing through digital means.
  • The app, managed by Digi Yatra Foundation, is voluntary and requires passengers to register with personal details, including Aadhaar.
  • Facial scans at e-gates create a Digi Yatra travel ID, allowing faster processing at checkpoints.

Digi Yatra Objectives: Digi Yatra aims to digitize passenger processing for a seamless experience through airport checkpoints. It involves facial recognition at entry gates, security check areas, and boarding gates, eliminating the need for physical documents.


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Q. What is DIGI YATRA in recent news?

A) A new cryptocurrency platform

B) A government initiative for digital tourism

C) An international space exploration project

D) A social media platform for travellers

Answer: B

Explanation: DIGI YATRA is a government initiative aimed at digitizing the travel experience and is currently making headlines.