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1st July, 2019

Nagaland to initiate its own version of NRC from July 10: 

News Important for: General studies – 2 I issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure.



On the lines of Assam, Nagaland is also preparing its own version of NRC. 


  •  Nagaland has issued a notification to establish Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN).
  • The move is to prepare a master list of all indigenous people and to check the people with fake indigenous inhabitant certificate.
  • Unlike Assam Nagaland has given a deadline of 60 days for collecting information from locals and non-locals.
  • The preparation of RIIN will be ahead of an extensive survey with the help of villagers.
  • It will be prepared under the supervision of each district administration.
  • The survey will include each family member with their original residence and mention will be made of any member living elsewhere.
  • “Permanent residence and present residence” will be mentioned separately.
  •  The list will be published in the respective villages and will be authenticated by village and ward authorities under the supervision of the district administration.
  • The claims and objections of villagers after the publication of the provisional list will also be taken into consideration.
  • After completion of RIIN, certificates only for children born to the State’s indigenous inhabitants who will be issued.

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Rhino protection force deployed in Kaziranga 

News Important for: General studies – 3 I Biodiversity  


A special combat force to understand the animal behaviour was deployed in Kaziranga National Park.


  • The Special Rhino Protection Force (SRPF) is a tiger protection force which is named after the rhino.
  • The force will work in direction of rhino as well as tigers.
  • The threat of poaching is more for the one-horned herbivore rhino than for any other.
  • Among the 82 personnel of the Special Rhino Protection Force (SRPF) are eight women.
  • The SRPF is formed on the recommendation of National Tiger Conservation Authority.
  • The process of setting up the special force was started in 2015.

Kaziranga National Park

  • It is a national park in the Nagaon districts of Assam.
  • It is also a World Heritage Site and was declared a tiger reserve in 2005.
  • The sanctuary hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses.  
  • The park is home to highest density of tigers. 
  • The park is also home to large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo etc.
  • The 430 sq.km. KNP encompasses eight ranges
  • It is under two wildlife divisions — Eastern Assam and Biswanath.


One horned Rhino


  • IUCN Status:  Vulnerable             

Habitat and Distribution

  • The preferred habitat is alluvial flood plains and areas containing tall grasslands along the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • Formerly, extensively distributed in the Gangetic plains, today the species is restricted to small habitats in Indo- Nepal Terai and North Bengal, and Assam.
  • In India rhinos are found in Kaziranga, Orang, Pobitara, Jaldapara, Dudhwa.

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Navy lines up mega deals for helicopters, submarines

News Important for: General studies – 3 I internal security




The Navy has decided to sign several deals for helicopters, long-range maritime patrol aircraft (LRMPA) and submarines.




  • The deals will be for 24 MH-60R multi-role helicopters (MRH) and 10 more P-8I LRMPA with the U.S.A.
  • The deal of Helicopters and submarines for naval utility under Project-75I is also under consideration.
  • The 111 NUH deal was the first one under SP model and the P-75I for six submarines is the second deal to be processed under this model.

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SEBI new regulations for Mutual Funds

News Important for: General studies – 3 I Indian Economy, Security Market.




SEBI has come up with more stringent norms to govern mutual funds.


  • SEBI took this step after some mutual funds in the last few months postponed their   redemption of fixed maturity plans (FMPs) and failed to redeem their non­convertible debentures where the funds had invested.

New SEBI regulations

  •  Liquid mutual fund schemes will have to invest at least 20% of their funds in liquid assets like government securities.
  • Mutual funds will be barred from investing more than 20% of their total assets in any one specific sector. The current cap is 25%.
  • When it comes to sectors like housing finance, the limit is down to 10%.
  • SEBI has required that assets of mutual funds be valued on a marke­t on ­market basis in order to better reflect the value of their investments.


  • SEBI has increased the exit load on short ­term investments in liquid mutual funds to discourage sudden demands for redemption.
  • This could possibly hinder fund flow into the bond market.

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Kenya’s tech war on poachers

News Important for: General studies – 3 I Biodiversity



 Kenya has started the world’s first wildlife tech lab.




  • Kenya shelters the largest population of critically endangered black rhinos in Africa.
  • The step is taken to save the black rhinos and the only two white rhinos left on earth from poachers.
  • The lab will store data on health of rhinos, level of rivers, information on security breaches, fence damage, lion sightings and ranger locations etc.
  • A small chip to fit inside a rhino and capable of live transmission is also under development.

Source link: https://www.pressreader.com/india/the-hindu/20190701/282565904687304

WHO brings in norms on self-care interventions

News Important for: General studies – 3 I Policy intervention related to health



 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched its first guidelines on self-care interventions for health.


What is Self-care?

According to the WHO, Self-Care is “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health-care provider”.


  • Self-care interventions could expand access to health services, including for vulnerable populations.
  • Affordable option to manage health and well-being.

The first guidelines focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Some of the interventions include self-sampling for human papillomavirus (HPV) and sexually transmitted infections, self-injectable contraceptives, home-based ovulation predictor kits, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) self-testing and self-management of medical abortion.

In future, the guidelines will be expanded to include other self-care interventions, including for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases.

Note: They are not meant to replace high-quality health services nor are they a shortcut to achieving universal health coverage.

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Amid concerns over the trade war & domestic growth, FPI inflow slows down in June

News Important for: General studies – 3 I Economy



Between January and June, FPIs have pumped the highest in the first six months in any year.


Investor’s Concerns

  • Slowing domestic Growth
  • Global trade worries
  • Slow progress of the monsoon


Investors are waiting for a series of events at this point of time, including the trade discussions on the side-lines of G20 summit in Japan. While the meeting of the world’s 20 major economies is expected to calm the nerves across the global markets, India’s discussions with the United States on the tariff issue would calm domestic sentiments. Besides, the market would also be closely watching the Union Budget on July 5, and will see what steps the government takes to boost economic growth.

Source Link - https://indianexpress.com/article/business/amid-concerns-over-trade-war-domestic-growth-fpi-inflow-slows-down-in-june-5808196/