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China begins work on railway up to Arunachal border

14th November, 2020 International News

Context: China has begun work on a strategically significant railway line - its second major rail link to Tibet - that will link Sichuan province with Nyingchi, which lies near the border with India’s Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Underlining the special importance that the Chinese government has placed on the project, President Xi Jinping officially “gave the instruction” to being work on the project.
  • He called it “a major step in safeguarding national unity and a significant move in promoting economic and social development of the western region.”

  • Like the Qinghai-Tibet railway line, which in 2006 connected Lhasa to the hinterland, this will be the second such route linking the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) to the hinterland.
  • China claims that the railway will help "transport advanced equipment and technologies from the rest of China to Tibet and bring local products out”.
  • If a scenario of a crisis happens at the border, the railway can act as a 'fast track' for the delivery of strategic materials.