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Cerberus and Charon

19th July, 2023 Environment

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  • In Europe continent two consecutive heat storms for last two weeks are causing consistent heat wave situation
  • First heat wave arrived July 10, it was named ‘Cerberus’; while second heatwaves is named Charon.

Other Details

  • The temperature is rising with the arrival of these heat waves.
  • The names of these heat waves, inspired from Greek Mythology, are also being popular.

Cerberus and Charon


  • As per Greek mythology it is a three-headed watchdog who is considered to be fearsome and tireless.
  • Typhon (a deadly serpentine giant) and Echidna (a half-woman, half-snake) are believed to be its parents.
  • The book Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold, by Stephen Fry , mentioned it to be the foremost hound of hell and guardian of the underworld.
  • He and his sister hydra, a gigantic water-snake-like monster, were picked by the god of the dead (hades) to guard the entrances to hell.
  • As per the mythology it is almost impossible to fool or circumvent
  • One cannot visit to Hades’ underworld and return safely without the permission of Cerberus.


  • He is believed to be a ferryman of the Greek underworld whose main function is to deliver souls.
  • He is considered as the god of time in Greek mythology.
  • He is a son of Erebus and Nyx. Both parents are creations of Chaos.
    • Erebus – is darkness
    • Nyx - is night
  • After death of a person, his soul is led to the underground cavern by Hermes or Thanatos (personification of Death).
  • In this cavern River Styx (Hate) met the River Acheron (Woe). These two rivers are believed to separate the worlds of the living and the dead.
  • It receives its payment for transporting the souls across the Styx.
  • Without payment to Charon soul is stuck on the bank of river for hundreds of years.

Popularity of Mythological names of Heatwaves

  • Cerberus became popular after, iLMeteo, a weather website of Italy, named an anticyclone in the region as Cerberus.
  • This website is a popular weather website which names anticyclones after mythological figures.
  • The anti cyclone that entered in southern Europe from north Africa was also named Cerberus.
  • As per Yahoo news, the heat waves and instances of extreme heat were related to various climatic zones of Italy for instance –
    • North part (Dominated by the Alps) - Above average temperature.
    • Centre Region (also includes Rome) – higher than usual temperature.
    • Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardina – Worst affected regions
  • It is still not clear why heat waves were named Charon and Cerberus. However name Charon seems appropriate as this heat wave is a silent killer.
  • Some experts believe that such names help in spreading more awareness about the weather conditions and their harmful effects.

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1. Name of heat waves based on African mythology.

2. Name of cyclones based on Greek Mythology.

3. Name of newly discovered fish species of pacific ocean.

4. None of these

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