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Buxa Tiger reserve           


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Context: An increase in the forest density and the big cat prey base, especially deer, had attracted a Royal Bengal tiger, a first such sighting in 23 years, to the Buxa reserve in north Bengal.

  • A favourable habitat at the tiger reserve would invite more tigers, which had migrated to neighbouring Bhutan. The state shares a contiguous range of the protected area with Bhutan.

About Buxa Tiger Reserve:

  • It was created in 1983 as the 15th tiger reserve in India.
  • Its northern boundary runs along the international border with Bhutan.
  • The fragile "Terai Eco-System" constitutes a part of this reserve.
  • Rajabhatkhawa Vulture Breeding Centre at Buxa Tiger Reserve for the breeding and conservation of endangered Indian vultures was established as the second such centre with the help of Bombay Natural History Society and British charity Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.