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26th March, 2024 Environment


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Picture Courtesy: https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/new-species-of-deep-sea-isopod-discovered-off-kollam-coast-named-after-isro/article67973305.ece

Context: Scientists discovered Brucethoa isro, a new type of deep-sea creature named after ISRO, living as a parasite on the Spinyjaw greeneye fish, off the coast of Kollam in Kerala.

About  Brucethoa isro

  • Researchers discovered the tiny fish-parasitic crustacean in the base of the gill chamber of the Spinyjaw greeneye, a deep-sea marine fish. This newly discovered species belongs to the genus Brucethoa and has been called Brucethoa isro.
  • Brucethoa isro is identified by its small size and unique shape.
  • Females of the species are larger than males, reaching lengths of around 19 mm and widths of 6 mm, while males are roughly half the size.
  • These deep-sea isopods inhabit the gill cavity of the Spinyjaw greeneye, at depths ranging from 250 to 450 metres off the coast of Kerala.
  • The recent discovery of Brucethoa isro represents the second species of the Brucethoa genus to be described in India.


Q. Why is “Brucethoa Isro” making headlines?

A) It is a new fuel source for rockets.

B) It is a new species of deep-sea creature.

C) It is a new type of space telescope.

D) It is a cure for a common disease.

Answer: B