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Brain Eating Amoeba

8th July, 2023 Environment

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  • Recently a 15 year old boy from Alappuzha district of Kerala died due to a rare brain infection.
  • The reason for this infection was a brain eating amoeba named, Naegleria fowleri of Naegleria species.

Other Details

  • The source of this infection is suspected to be a stream near his house where he used to take bath daily.
  • The boy sustained high fever for a week and experience rapid worsening of his vital signs like Body temperature. Pulse rate. Breathing rate.

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Naegleria fowleri (Brain-eating amoeba)


Preventive measures for Humans

  • Washing hands using soap before eating and
  • Hands should be cleaned before and after water activities
  • For nasal cleaning use of sterile water is suggested.
  • During swimming a nose protection should be used to prevent entering of Amoeba in body.

Preventive measures to treat and manage natural water bodies

  • In water bodies of freshwater like lakes, hot springs and ponds, human activities should be limited.
  • Swimming pools should be cleaned and disinfected, likely using chlorine, properly and frequently.
  • Proper hygiene standards should be followed.
  • After water activities there should be an arrangement to clean hands with soap.
  • In a swimming pool, which is properly maintained hygienically and chlorine levels are monitored regularly the chances of infection from this Amoeba is almost zero.


Several cases of infection from Naegleria fowleri are reported globally. Highlight the health risk it poses to the humans. Discuss the preventive measures for swimmers and for management of natural water bodies as well. (150 words)