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22nd October, 2021 Geography


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U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin urged more defence cooperation among Black Sea allies ahead of a NATO Ministers summit.



  • The Black Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean lying between Europe and Asia.
  • It is bordered by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  • It is supplied by major rivers, principally the Danube, Dnieper, and Don.
  • The Black Sea ultimately drains into the Mediterranean Sea, via the Turkish Straits and the Aegean Sea.
  • The Bosporus Strait connects it to the small Sea of Marmara which in turn is connected to the Aegean Sea via the Strait of the Dardanelles.
  • To the north, the Black Sea is connected to the Sea of Azov by the Kerch Strait.
  • The Black Sea covers 436,400 km2 (not including the Sea of Azov), making it the world's largest inland body of water.