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9th June, 2023 International Relations

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  • A White House summit between US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The leaders adopted an "Atlantic Declaration" to boost industry ties in defense and renewable energy.


  • The United States and Britain announced a new strategic pact to strengthen the "special relationship" between the two countries.
  • The pact aims to counter the threats posed by Russia, China, and economic instability.
  • US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak discussed key issues such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the impact of artificial intelligence.

Atlantic Declaration:

  • The leaders adopted an "Atlantic Declaration" to enhance industry ties in defense and renewable energy.
  • The declaration acknowledges the challenges to international stability posed by authoritarian states, disruptive technologies, non-state actors, and transnational issues like climate change.
  • The goal is to boost cooperation between the US and UK to tackle these challenges effectively.

Emphasis on Green Economy:

  • The UK's ambition for a post-Brexit free-trade agreement with the US was not achieved during the summit.
  • Instead, both leaders agreed to focus on crafting a new green economy through significant industrial subsidies.
  • This aligns with Biden's plan, and Sunak settled for supporting the US approach.

World Economy and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Biden and Sunak recognized that the world economy is undergoing significant changes, comparable to the Industrial Revolution.
  • The evolution of artificial intelligence was a major topic of discussion.
  • The leaders acknowledged the need for governments to coordinate their responses to the potential risks associated with AI.

World's First AI Summit in the UK:

  • Sunak revealed plans to host the world's first AI summit in the UK later in the year.
  • Biden expressed his support for convening "likeminded" countries for the summit.
  • Sunak also proposed the UK hosting a future AI regulator.

Challenges and Regulation of AI:

  • Industry figures have been advocating for regulation of AI, and the US and EU are already engaged in their own dialogue on an AI code of conduct.
  • Sunak faces challenges in pursuing his AI ambitions, as existing discussions and interests may affect the implementation of his plans.
  • However, Sunak expressed confidence in the strength of the US-UK partnership and emphasized shared values.

Addressing Energy Market Instability and Ukraine War:

  • The Atlantic Declaration is expected to help the allies address the chronic instability in energy markets caused by Russia's actions.
  • The leaders have not yet placed blame on Moscow for the recent destruction of a dam in Ukraine, but the UK has promised aid relief to the victims.
  • The Ukraine war serves as a catalyst for emphasizing the need for transatlantic economic alignment.

NATO Leadership:

  • Sunak has been promoting British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace as a candidate to lead NATO before the upcoming summit in Lithuania.
  • Denmark and Estonia's prime ministers are also considered contenders for the role.
  • Biden's support will be decisive, as the United States is the most significant player within NATO.

US - UK Relations

Historical Background:

  • Common heritage: The United States and the United Kingdom share historical ties, including the colonization of America by the British and the subsequent fight for independence.
  • World Wars: The two nations fought alongside each other in both World Wars, fostering a strong bond and a sense of camaraderie.
  • Cold War era: During the Cold War, the U.S. and the UK worked closely together as part of the NATO alliance, sharing intelligence and collaborating on security matters.

Defense and Security Cooperation:

  • Intelligence sharing: The U.S. and the UK maintain robust intelligence sharing programs, particularly through agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).
  • Military collaboration: Both countries have a history of military cooperation, conducting joint exercises, sharing military technologies, and supporting each other in various conflicts.
  • Nuclear cooperation: The U.S. and the UK collaborate closely on nuclear defense, with shared technologies and the exchange of expertise.

Economic Relations:

  • Trade and investment: The U.S. and the UK are major trading partners, with bilateral trade in goods and services reaching significant levels. The countries also have substantial investment ties, promoting economic growth and job creation.
  • Special trade agreements: The U.S. and the UK are exploring the possibility of a bilateral free trade agreement to further enhance their economic relationship.
  • Financial cooperation: London and New York City are global financial centers, and their close cooperation helps facilitate international financial transactions and regulatory frameworks.

Diplomatic Collaboration:

  • United Nations: The U.S. and the UK often work together within the United Nations, advocating for shared values, promoting human rights, and addressing global challenges.
  • Diplomatic support: The U.S. and the UK frequently align their foreign policies and collaborate on various diplomatic initiatives, including addressing conflicts, promoting peace, and countering terrorism.
  • Intelligence cooperation: Diplomatic missions often facilitate intelligence sharing and coordination between the two countries' intelligence agencies, contributing to global security efforts.

Cultural and Educational Exchanges:

  • Academic collaboration: Numerous exchange programs exist between American and British universities, fostering educational partnerships and promoting research cooperation.
  • Cultural influence: The U.S. and the UK have a significant impact on each other's cultural landscapes, with the exchange of arts, music, literature, and entertainment creating a rich cultural interchange.
  • People-to-people ties: Tourism, immigration, and the presence of large diaspora communities contribute to strong social and personal connections between citizens of the two countries.


Q) Consider the following statements about Atlantic Declaration

1. It is a military alliance between US and UK to counter China in Indo-pacific region

2. India is a member nation to this partnership

3. Under this declaration a 'data bridge' to cut red tapism has been envisaged

Which of the above statements are true?

A. Only 1 statement is correct

B. Only 2 statements are correct

C. Only 3 statements are correct

D. None is correct

Answer: A