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9th December, 2021 Science and Technology

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  • The Crime Branch of the Pimpri Chinchwad police has arrested two persons in Pune and seized 550 grams of ambergris, also known as ‘floating gold’.



  • Ambergris, which means gray amber in French, is a waxy substance that originates from the digestive system of the protected sperm whales.
  • They slowly become a solid mass, growing over many years.
  • The ambergris is said to be passed like feces and has a very strong fecal odour combined with a strong marine odour.
  • Its value to be somewhere between Rs 1 to 2 crores per kilogram, depending on the purity and quality.
  • Traditionally, ambergris is used to produce perfumes which have notes of musk.
  • While there are records of it being used to flavor food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco in some cultures in the past, it is rarely used for these purposes presently.