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14th March, 2024 Health


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Picture Courtesy: https://www.voanews.com/a/french-lawmakers-make-abortion-a-constitutional-right-/7513216.html

Context: France became the first country in the world to protect a woman's right to voluntarily terminate pregnancy by including abortion rights in the constitution.

Key Highlights

  • France becomes the first country in the world to explicitly guarantee abortion as a constitutional right, protecting a woman's right to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy.
  • The proposal received strong backing from the French parliament, which voted 780-72 in favour during a special joint session. The voting pattern reflects widespread support for abortion rights across the political range in France.
  • President Emmanuel Macron advocated this action as a measure against potential abortion rights rollbacks, highlighting recent developments in the United States where abortion rights have been challenged.
  • Abortion has been allowed in France since 1975, but this constitutional amendment strengthens and codifies these rights, assuring their protection regardless of changes in government or political climate.
  • The decision comes at a time when abortion rights are under attack in several countries all over the world. The French government sees this as an opportunity to set an example for women's rights around the world.


  • France's decision to legally guarantee abortion rights indicates a dedication to gender equality and women's sovereignty over their bodies, establishing a significant example for other countries to follow.

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Q. Which country recently became the first in the world to include abortion rights into its constitution?

A) France

B) Ireland

C) Switzerland

D) Poland

Answer: A