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80th All India Presiding Officers’ Conference

25th November, 2020 Polity

Context: President inaugurated 2-day conference at Kevadiya.

More about news:

Theme: The conference, organised on the theme ‘Harmonious coordination between Legislature, Executive and Judiciary — Key to a vibrant democracy’.

Key Highlights:

  • It discussed ways to ensure constitutional accountability of the legislature and the executive to the people.
  • It underlined that none of the three organs of the State can claim to be supreme as only the Constitution is paramount.
  • The legislature, the executive and the judiciary are bound to work within their respective domains as defined in the Constitution.

When judiciary overreached

  • The higher judiciary deciding on Diwali fireworks, denying the executive any role in the appointment of judges through collegiums, invalidating the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act seeking to enforce accountability and transparency were some of the instances where judicial pronouncements gave a distinct impression of an overreach.

When legislatures overeached

  • At times, the legislature too has tended to cross the line. The 39th Constitution amendment placing the election of President, Vice President and Prime Minister beyond the scope of judicial scrutiny in the circumstances in 1975 is one such instance.

About All India Presiding Officers' Conference

  • It began in 1921.
  • All through the years, this conference has proven to be a platform for sharing new experiences, ideas and thoughts for strengthening the democratic process.
  • It is being organised by the Lok Sabha to celebrate the Constitution Day.
  • Speaker of Lok Sabha act as its chairperson.