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UPSC Classroom Programme 2024


APTI PLUS - Empowering Your Dreams, Nurturing Your Success!


An ideal program to provide World-Class Holistic Training to aspirants (working professionals as well as graduates) for all the stages of the CSE

Discover APTI PLUS’s UPSC Classroom Program 2024, the ultimate one-year online classroom program meticulously crafted to unleash your potential and nurture your success in the Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2024. Tailored for working professionals and graduates who seek to crack the CSE without compromising on their current commitments, this comprehensive course provides world-class holistic training, all from the comfort of your home.

Ignite Your Civil Services Journey from Home.


  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Class Mode: Online
  • Language: English
  • Class Timings:
    • Weekdays: Monday to Saturday (3-4 hours)
    • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday (7-8 hours)


15 Years of Proven Excellence: With over 15 years of expertise and a consistent track record, our time-tested experience ensures a winning edge for your Civil Services journey.

Building a Legacy of Leaders: Join the league of successful IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, WBCS & OAS officers who have risen to greatness through APTI PLUS. Our alumni network serves as a beacon, guiding you towards your dream career.

Learn from the Best: Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration through Regular Seminars and Video Testimonials by illustrious alumni. Witness their success stories, fueling your determination to conquer the Civil Services Examination.

Strategies Crafted for Success: Benefit from our Dedicated Research Team, ceaselessly working to outline the best strategy for your triumph. Our insights will equip you to face challenges head-on, ensuring a path to victory.

Curated Resources for Excellence: Access a treasure trove of resources, carefully curated by Scholars and India's Best Academicians. Enrich your preparation with valuable materials, empowering you to excel.

Core Values That Inspire: Embrace our core values of authenticity, integrity, and determination. These principles form the bedrock of your journey, guiding you towards success with unwavering commitment..

Personalization for Your Unique Journey: Experience a personalized approach tailored to your needs. With one-to-one interaction, mentorship, and doubt clearance, we nurture your individual growth.

Your Success is Our Mission: We stand with you throughout your journey, providing unwavering support until you triumph. At APTI PLUS, we share your dream and are committed to making it a reality.

Unlock Complex Concepts with Ease: Simplify difficult concepts with our Usage of Digital Learning tools. Engaging and interactive, our tools ensure smooth comprehension, empowering you to shine.

Empowering Interaction, Not Crowded Classrooms: Experience the advantage of one-to-one interaction with our Standard Batch Size. APTI PLUS ensures individual attention, paving the way for your success.

Nurture Your Progress with Precision: Our Robust Management System monitors your performance, ensuring precise guidance and improvements for optimal results.

Focused Training, Targeted Success: Immerse yourself in an Exam-centric study environment. Our Stepwise Training from Basic to Advanced Levels equips you for a targeted and disciplined approach.

Timebound Preparation, Timely Triumph: Stay disciplined with Timebound syllabus coverage, empowering you to remain ahead of the curve and seize the moment of triumph.


NCERT - Building the Foundation (Basic Stage)

Duration: 2 Months/120 Hours

Inclusion: NCERT Tests

STANDARD TEXTBOOKS - Unleashing Excellence (Advanced Stage)

Duration: 8 Months/480 Hours

Inclusion: Sectional Tests, Class Tests, Answer Writing, Double Mentorship, Counselling, Motivational Session by toppers

OPTIONAL SUBJECT - Specialize for Success (Advanced Stage)

Duration: 6 Months/200 Hours

Inclusion: Sectional & Full-length Tests

PRELIMS REVISION COURSE - Turbocharge Your Preparation (Basic and Advanced Stage)

Duration: 2 Months/120 Hours

Inclusion: Current Affairs of 1 Year, Full-length Prelims Tests

MAINS SPECIFIC - Mastering the Mains (Advanced Stages)

Duration: 8 Months/480 Hours

Inclusion: Mains Test Series, Class Tests, Answer Writing, Double Mentorship, Counselling, Motivational Session by toppers


Holistic Preparation, Unmatched Convenience:

Tailored for working professionals and graduates, ensuring seamless integration into your existing schedule.

Embark on a journey of comprehensive preparation for all stages of the CSE::

Personalized Mentorship, Your Path to Triumph

Embrace one-to-one personalized mentorship, guiding you towards achieving your dream::

Clear your doubts effectively in dedicated interactive doubt clearing sessions.

Stay Informed with Weekly Current Affairs:

Stay ahead with crucial Weekly Current Affairs Sessions to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Vast Resources, All Within Your Reach:

Access a treasure trove of A to Z resources, Journals, Reports, and Policy Summaries.

Blueprint for Answer Writing Success:

Master the art of writing exceptional answers with our dedicated Blueprint for Answer Writing Strategy.

All India Level Mock Tests, Benchmark Your Progress::

Challenge yourself with 6000+ questions prepared by India's top-notch professionals, available both offline and online.

Interview Excellence, Your Path to Triumph:

Excel in the final selection stage with our expert Interview Guidance and Support.

Structured Assignments, Regular Evaluation:

Track your progress through structured assignments and receive regular evaluations throughout the year.

Controlled Environment for Intensive Study:

Utilize our library facility for rigorous preparation in a controlled environment.

Prompt Grievance Redressal, Concrete Support:

Experience unwavering support with our prompt grievance redressal mechanism until you reach your goal.

Ready to Embark on Your Journey to Success?:

Enroll in APTI PLUS Today and Ignite Your Potential to Conquer Civil Services 2024!


Who is this course designed for?

APTI PLUS is exclusively designed for ambitious working professionals and graduates who dream of cracking the prestigious Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2024 without compromising their current commitments.

What makes APTI PLUS unique?

APTI PLUS stands out with its world-class holistic training, personalized mentorship, and flexibility of online classes, making it the ideal choice for those seeking quality preparation from home.

What is the course duration?

The course spans one year, providing comprehensive coverage of all stages of the CSE, from Prelims to Mains.

How will the classes be conducted?

All classes will be held online, offering the convenience of learning from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

What are the class timings for weekdays and weekends?

On weekdays (Monday to Saturday), classes are scheduled for 3-4 hours, and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), classes extend to 7-8 hours to ensure comprehensive coverage.

How will I benefit from APTI PLUS?

APTI PLUS offers extensive coverage of Prelims, Mains, and Optional Subject Syllabi, personalized mentorship, doubt clearing sessions, and access to valuable resources, mock tests, and interview guidance. With APTI PLUS, you gain access to a wide range of resources, including A to Z materials, Journals, Reports, and Policy Summaries, to reinforce your preparation.

How does APTI PLUS ensure personalized attention?

APTI PLUS believes in a personalized approach, providing one-to-one mentorship and dedicated doubt clearing sessions to address individual learning needs.

How are mock tests conducted, and what is their significance?

All India Level Mock Tests, designed by top-notch professionals, allow you to benchmark your progress, identify strengths, and work on areas for improvement, ensuring you are exam-ready.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions or need further clarification.