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Best CSAT Coaching For UPSC: Qualify Prelims With Confidence

The Civil Services Aptitude Test, or CSAT, is the qualifying paper of the UPSC Preliminary examination. Your answer sheet for General Studies-I will not be counted unless you secure a minimum of 33% marks in GS-II or CSAT paper. We have seen many candidates struggling to qualify in Prelims because of CSAT. 

Avoid making common mistakes, invest your time and effort wisely and choose the best training center for CSAT coaching for UPSC

About CSAT in UPSC 

UPSC Prelims is purely a qualifying examination that screens candidates based on their general awareness and aptitude. While the General Studies-I paper in Prelims tests a candidate’s subject-specific knowledge, the GS-II or CSAT examines aptitude specific to civil services. It assesses a candidate’s logical thinking and analysis, decision-making capabilities, and problem-solving skills. 

  • CSAT is a pen-and-paper test
  • The total mark of the CSAT paper is 200 for 80 questions. 
  • The test duration is 2 hours 
  • Candidates need to answer a question in approximately 2.5 minutes, on average. 
  • There is a negative marking for every incorrect answer. It’s 1/3rd of the allotted mark for the incorrectly answered question.
  • The minimum qualifying mark is 66 out of 200

What’s the Importance of CSAT in UPSC?

CSAT is an important paper in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) for several reasons. 

  1. It is the qualifying paper in Prelims. You will be disqualified if you do not score a minimum of 33% in the CSAT. 
  2. A high CSAT score helps prove your competitive edge as a civil servant in the UPSC Personal Interview round. 
  3. Strong civil services aptitude boosts your confidence and improves your chances of success in the UPSC Mains papers.  

Why Should You Choose IAS Gyan For CSAT Coaching For UPSC?

If you are looking for the best CSAT coaching for UPSC, look no further than IAS Gyaan. We guide aspirants throughout their preparation stage. IAS Gyaan provides classroom and online courses. The CSAT online classes conducted by expert educators help you master the knowledge to clear the tests. The features of our CSAT coaching are: 

  1. Online classes - Over 80+ hours of online classes. This also enables you to balance CSAT preparation with other commitments seamlessly. 
  2. Top-notch faculty- IAS Gyan’s faculty comprises notable educators with decades of experience and a great track record in CSAT guidance and mentoring. 
  3. Regular mock test and assessment- Our CSAT mock tests simulate the actual UPSC Prelims GS-II exam. This will help you practice, assess your progress, and overcome exam anxiety. 
  4. Comprehensive coverage of CSAT syllabus - It prepares candidates for every aspect of CSAT and similar tests for other competitive exams.
  5. Strategy guidance- Qualifying for the CSAT requires implementing the right strategies during preparation and in the exam hall. We guide students on successful CSAT preparation plans. 
  6. Practice assignments- We provide regular assignments for practice. This reinforces learning, clears doubts, and strengthens foundational understanding of the CSAT knowledge base. 

How Will IAS Gyan CSAT Online Classes Help You?

IAS Gyan’s CSAT Coaching for UPSC will help with your Prelims preparation in multiple ways. 

  • We impart the essential knowledge base for developing mastery in CSAT. 
  • Our CSAT online classes will help develop the requisite skills to tackle CSAT questions with 100% correctness. 
  • Our expert faculty will also guide and mentor you to handle exam anxiety effectively. 

What Makes Us One of the Best CSAT Coaching Providers for UPSC?

Here is the proof that IAS Gyaan excels in CSAT coaching for UPSC:

  1. 230+ IAS Gyan students were selected for UPSC CSE in 2022 & 2023 
  2. 30+ of our candidates ranked in the top 50 of UPSC CSE 2022 & 2023 
  3. Creating continuous success in UPSC CSE   
  4. A team of handpicked top academic faculty from premier institutes with impeccable track records. 
  5. Top-notch study resources, curated and vetted by best scholars and academicians.   

Features of Our CSAT Online Classes

Features of our CSAT online classes are:

  • A meticulously tailored curriculum to match the requirement of UPSC CSAT standard
  • In-depth coverage of all the relevant topics for critical understanding 
  • 10 full-length CSAT mock tests ,30 tests on GS-1
  • 80+ hours of Interactive online classes
  • Self-paced online resources and study material 
  • Small class size for personalized attention 
  • Holistic support, including CSAT preparation, exam registration and regular motivation.

CSAT Online Resources for UPSC

Along with 80+ hours of online classes and 10 full-length mock tests, IAS Gyan’s CSAT Coaching for UPSC also offers other online resources. These include practice tests, pre-recorded videos, digital notes, ebooks, motivational content, and UPSC guidance. 

CSAT Online Courses For UPSC

IAS Gyaan provides a crash course, optional subject courses, and two two-year foundation courses for civil service aspirants. These courses are conducted online and offline. 

List of CSAT Topics For UPSC Exam

The UPSC CSAT syllabus covers 7 distinct sections. They are:

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy
  • Data interpretation

Strategy For CSAT Preparation 

CSAT preparation involves several strategies, depending on a candidate’s understanding and experience. It differs from one aspirant to another. At IAS Gyan, we provide guidance and advice based on a candidate’s performance in mock tests and regular practice tests. 

Join IAS Gyan CSAT Online Classes and Get the Best CSAT Coaching For UPSC  

IAS Gyan’s Online CSAT coaching for UPSC is the best way to ensure your success in UPSC Prelims. It offers flexibility to balance your other commitments without compromising on quality and effective preparation. Join IAS Gyan CSAT online classes today.