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National Hydrology Project

  • National Hydrology Project (NHP) was started in the year 2016 as a Central Sector Scheme with 100% grant to Implementing agencies on pan India basis with a budget outlay of Rs 3680 Crore to be spent over a period of 8 years.
  • The project aims at improving the extent, reliability and accessibility of water resources information and to strengthen the capacity of targeted water resource management institutions in India.
  • Thus NHP is facilitating acquisition of reliable information efficiently, which would pave the way for an effective water resource development and management.
  • The Project, has made significant progress in the fields of
    • Water resource monitoring system,
    • water resource information system (WRIS),
    • water resource operation and planning systems and
    • institutional capacity enhancement.
  • Under the NHP, a nationwide repository of water resources data - NWIC has been established.
  • NHP is focusing on establishment of real time data acquisition system (RTDAS) on pan India basis.
  • The Real time data acquisition system, the near real time data acquisition system and the manual data acquisition stations would complement each other and would lay a strong foundation for informed decision making for better water resources management.
  • All such data would be available through web enabled India WRIS which is being upscale under the NHP.
  • NHP is a project of National importance since it establishes a Nationwide ‘Nodal’ ‘one point’ platform for all states to collaborate and share data pertaining to water resources.