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Indian courser



  • The Indian courser is on uncertain ground.
  • It is a species of courser found in mainland South Asia, mainly in the plains bounded by the Ganges and Indus river system.
  • It is a ground bird that can be found in small groups as they forage for insects in dry open semi-desert country.
  • In parts of Gujarat, the species was very common in short-grass covered open and fallow lands but has vanished in many areas.

Threats that Indian courser is facing:

  • Habitat loss: It is a specialist species in terms of habitat and is found in dry stony open land. As such lands usually give way to “development”, this bird is receding from its known habitats and human consciousness. The Indian courser can be compared to the yellow-wattled lapwing, which is also a species of dry open land and therefore suffers in a similar fashion.
  • The arid and open habitats used by the Indian courser are threatened by human activities such as construction and agriculture.
  • In some areas, vehicular activity and industrialization have destroyed habitats where they formerly occurred.