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EXERCISE SURYA KIRAN                                                       

18th September, 2021 Security and Defence

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Context: The 15th Edition of Indo - Nepal Joint Military Training, Exercise Surya Kiran between Indian Army and Nepali Army conducted at Pithoragarh (UK).

Focus: Various counter-insurgency operations.

More about news:

  • As part of the exercise, both the Armies would familiarise themselves with each other’s weapons, equipment, tactics, techniques and procedures of operating in a counter-insurgency environment in mountainous terrain.
  • The exercise is part of an initiative to develop inter-operability and sharing expertise between the two nations.
  • This joint military training will improve bilateral relations and also will be a major step towards further strengthening the traditional friendship between the two nations.
  • Last edition of Exercise Surya Kiran was conducted in Nepal in 2019.