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5th September, 2022 EXTRA TOPIC OF THE DAY

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In News

  • More than 70,000 Czech Republic citizens have gathered in a protest against their government’s failure to control increasing energy prices.
  • The demonstration was the most extensive display of public dissatisfaction against the cost-of-living crisis due to increasing energy prices that have exacerbated in Europe due to the Russia-Ukraine
  • The protesters demanded:
    • Military neutrality.
    • Direct gas supply contracts, including with Russia.
    • Denial of permanent settlement to Ukrainian refugees.

Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe.
  • It is bordered by:
    • Austria in the South.
    • Germany in the West.
    • Poland in the Northeast.
    • Slovakia to the Southeast.
  • The Czech Republic has mostly temperate continental and oceanic climates.
  • Prague is the capital and largest city.
  • The Czech Republic has a developed, high-income, export-oriented economy based on services, manufacturing and innovation.