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Aravali forest

9th June, 2021 Security and Defence

Context: The Supreme Court ordered the Haryana government and the Faridabad Municipal Corporation to take “all essential measures” to remove encroachments, including about 10,000 residential constructions, in the ecologically fragile Aravali forest land near Lakarpur Khori village.

  • The court said the encroachers should be evicted even by force.
  • The State in general and the local police in particular, shall give necessary and adequate logistical support to enable the Corporation to implement the directions given by us to evict the occupants/encroachers including by forcible eviction from the forest land and to clear all the encroachments.”

About the Aravalli Range

  • It is a mountain range in Northwestern India, running approximately 670 km in a south-west direction, starting near Delhi, passing through southern Haryana and Rajasthan, and ending in Gujarat.
  • The highest peak is Guru Shikhar.
  • It is the oldest range of fold mountains in India.