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31st July, 2023 International Relations

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  • Bengaluru has become the first Indian city to become part of the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF).



  • WCCF is a global network of cities that share research and intelligence, and explore the role of culture in future prosperity.
  • Prioritizing culture in urban planning, the Forum fosters cultural exchange, creating equitable, prosperous, and sustainable communities.


  • Through Global Summits and Leadership Exchange Programs, the Forum promotes practical solutions, advocating for culture's central role in thriving cities via research and case studies.
  • City leaders collaborate on 21st-century challenges like climate change, affordable workspace, and cultural tourism.

WCCF and Culture

  • WCCF places culture at the heart of city planning and investment.
  • Culture is recognized as a golden thread supporting well-being, tourism, and economic growth.
  • Culture is an essential ingredient in the success of cities, bringing together communities and helping to drive economies.
  • The World Cities Culture Forum is the principal global network of creative cities and civic leaders – all passionate about the transformational power of culture.


  • The World Cities Culture Forum is a network of local governments and cultural sector leaders from 40 world cities.


  • The World Cities Culture Forum was established in London in 2012 with eight cities (London, New York City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Istanbul, Sydney, and Johannesburg) convened by the Mayor of London.


  • The World Cities Culture Forum is convened by Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, Greater London Authority, at the request of the Mayor of London.

Additional Mandate

  • It also conducts comparative research with city partners to build a strong evidence base about the wide-ranging ways in which culture impacts a world city and its inhabitants.

Organization of Activities

  • The activities of the World Cities Culture Forum are organised and delivered by BOP Consulting, a specialist consulting firm, on behalf of the Greater London Authority and the members of the Forum.


  • The Annual World Cities Culture Summit convenes a Global Network of Civic Leaders to exchange ideas and share best practices in cultural policymaking.

Addition of Bangalore in WCCF

  • Bengaluru became the first city in the country to be inducted into the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF).
  • The city is the 41st member of the forum.
  • WCCF has stated that Bengaluru city leaders will work along with counterparts from other places, including cities like Tokyo, New York, and London for the growth and development of the city.
  • WCCF plans to work closely with the Unboxing BLR foundation. This not-for-profit initiative aims to make the city vibrant, inclusive, and global.


  • This announcement underscores Bengaluru’s burgeoning global influence and its rise as a hub of innovation, creativity, and culture.
  • From preserving its architectural heritage to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in its vibrant start-up community, culture lies at the very heart of Bengaluru’s identity.
  • Being part of this forum will allow Bengaluru to have a seat at the table when top global cities deliberate on their future and share best practices. Cities today are grappling with a range of critical issues from climate change to affordable housing.
  • Equally, a vibrant cultural life is becoming a very important factor in shaping the quality of life in a city.
  • As a fast-growing young global tech hub, for Bengaluru, joining WCCF is an important step in that direction. It will help Bengaluru evolve into a thriving global cultural metropolis.

About Unboxing BLR Foundation

UnboxingBLR, launched in April 2022, is a Bengaluru-focused not-for-profit platform aiming to transform the city into a vibrant, inclusive, and global hub. The volunteer-driven initiative is driving various projects, including an authoritative book on Bengaluru, a docu-series, India's first start-up tech museum, and a city festival.


Q. Consider the following statements with reference to World Cities Culture Forum:

1.    The World Cities Culture Forum was established in Japan in 2012.

2.    Prioritizing culture in urban planning, the Forum fosters cultural exchange, creating equitable, prosperous, and sustainable communities.

3.    Varanasi and Bangalore are the members of World Cities Culture Forum.

How many of the above statements are correct?

(a) Only one

(b) Only two

(c) All three

(d) None

Correct Answer: (a) Only one

Statements 1 and 3 are incorrect.