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Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary

28th November, 2023 Environment

Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary

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  • Nearly 50 years after it was notified, the Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary is yet to get the necessary protection of an eco-sensitive zone (ESZ).

Direction by NGT

  • The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has told the state government to resolve the issues that have led to the delay in the notification of eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) status for the Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the state of Karnataka.

Declaration of Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1974.


  • The Tunga Anicut Dam is situated within the sanctuary and provides shelter for otters and water birds.

Bird Sanctuary

  • The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is also a part of the Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • It is a popular bird nesting site situated on an island in the midst of the Tunga River.


  • Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary is mainly covered by tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests.
  • The eastern and central parts are mostly covered by dry and moist deciduous forests while the western parts have semi-evergreen forests.

Flora and Fauna

  • The sanctuary is home to species of animals such as white-backed vultures, Indian nightjar, and white-bellied dingo.
  • Some other animal species such as tigers, king cobras, slot bears, leopards, elephants, langurs, and pythons reside in dense forest areas.


Q. Consider the following pairs.

1. Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary                 Sikkim

2. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary              Madhya Pradesh

3. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary                     Mizoram

4. Hadgarh                                                  Uttar Pradesh

Which of the pairs given above is/are not correctly matched?

A)   2 and 3 only

B)    4 only

C)    1 and 3 only

D)   1, 2, and 4 only

Answer: A) 1, 2, and 4 only


Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the state of Karnataka.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Idukki district of Kerala.

Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary wildlife sanctuary situated Keonjhar district in Odisha.