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20th July, 2022 Social Issues

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In News

  • The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has announced in the Lok Sabha that the Union Government has prepared a new draft of the National Youth Policy.
    • The Government has placed the draft in the public domain.
  • The new draft is the reviewed version of the existing National Youth Policy, 2014.
  • The Ministry has announced that the policy would be finalized after considering the received suggestions and after consultation with all stakeholders.


Key Points of the Draft Policy

  • The new draft of the National Youth Policy presents a roadmap of 10 years for youth development that India would like to achieve by 2030.
  • The objectives of the draft policy are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • It aims to unlock the potential of youth to promote sustainable development in India.
  • The draft seeks to ensure youth development on 5 priority areas;
    • Employment and entrepreneurship.
    • Youth leadership and development.
    • Health, fitness and sports.
    • Social justice.
  • The policy aims to promote the education system in sync with National Education Policy, 2020 to ensure;
    • Career opportunities and life skills to young people.
    • To ensure access to sustainable livelihood opportunities.
    • Encourages youth to revive the rural economy.
    • Generate employment via regional-specific strategies.
    • Promote entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship among youth.
    • Support the informal and emerging gig economy.
  • Encourage the inclusion of marginalised and disadvantaged youths in volunteering and leadership opportunities.
  • Ensure the health and well-being of the youth, especially young women of reproductive age by strengthening preventative healthcare.
    • Special care for mental health and sexual and reproductive health issues.
  • Mobilising technology and data to improve healthcare delivery to ensure access to quality healthcare.
  • Empower the youth and ensure their safety.
  • Strengthen the legal system for the quick delivery of justice.
  • Special efforts to ensure social justice for marginalised and vulnerable youths.


Way Forward

  • The policy provides a roadmap to encourage the development of youth and also ensure a bright future for India.
  • This national-level framework will provide a model for states, and states are free to formulate their youth policies according to the needs of the region.