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26th July, 2022 Polity and Governance

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In News

  • The Union Minister of Tourism has stated in the Lok Sabha that the recently released National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism aim to develop India as a wellness destination.
  • The Minister highlighted the value of medical travel and wellness tourism.
    • This sector has the potential of accelerating the country’s development.


National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism

  • The Ministry of Tourism has drafted a National Strategy and Roadmap for Medical and Wellness Tourism.
  • The draft focuses on:
    • Develop India as a wellness destination.
    • Strengthen the ecosystem for medical and wellness tourism.
    • Enable digitalization by setting up an Online Medical Value Travel (MVT) Portal.
    • Enhancement of accessibility for Medical Value Travel.
    • Promoting Wellness Tourism.
    • Governance and Institutional Framework.


Importance of the Tourism Sector

  • Tourism is a big employment generator.
  • Foreign tourists' arrival brings Foreign Currency.
  • Livelihood to local Population and revenue to the Government.
  • Positive Impact on Education, Culture, Textiles, Development of North-East India, Rural Development.
  • Promote Socio-economic growth and Poverty Reduction.
  • Promotes Inclusive Growth, and Environmental Protection.
  • Protects Cultural Values, Diversity, and Heritage.
  • Tourism Sector development often results in improvements in basic infrastructure.


  • Lack of basic infrastructure like roads and Providing Clean, Comfortable accommodation to tourists.
  • Safety Concerns


Steps taken to Promote Tourism

  • The Ministry has constituted a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board.
  • The Ministry has released global print, electronic and online media campaigns in important and potential markets overseas, under the ‘Incredible India’ brand-line, to promote various tourism destinations and products of the country.
  • Promotions through the Social Media accounts of the Ministry on different themes including the theme of Medical Tourism.
  • 'Medical Visa’ has been introduced, which can be given for specific purposes to foreign travellers coming to India for medical treatment.
  • To promote Medical Tourism in the country, the Union Government extended the e-medical visa facility to the nationals of 156 countries.
  • Launched e-ticketing of Historical monuments like the Taj Mahal.
  • Introduction of dedicated tourist trains across India and a 24x7 tourist helpline.
  • Ministry of Tourism adopted the Code of Conduct for Safe tourism.
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
  • Special Tourism Zone in Partnership with the States.
  • Swacch Bharat Abhiyan under which the tourist destinations are kept Clean.
  • Adarsh Smaarak Scheme by Archaeological Survey of India to promote basic tourist facilities in well-known historical sites.
  • Swadesh Darshan Scheme for integrated development of theme-based tourist Circuits.
  • PRASHAD Scheme to beautify and improve amenities and infrastructure at Pilgrimage Sites.
  • Launching of Incredible India 2.0 Campaigns.
  • Generating sufficient manpower to meet the requirements of the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Launching 24x7 toll-free Multi-Lingual Tourist Helpline.