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20th November, 2020 Security and Defence

Context: As part of efforts to improve overall management of defence land, for the first time a Land Management System (LMS) has been developed by Department of Defence in conjunction with DGDE and Armed forces.

  • This Intra-net portal shall digitize all requests of defence land management received by the Department in future.
  • It is also in process of progressively capturing archival data into the system.
  • All data for cases since 2016 have already been captured and are available in the portal.
  • Progressively, data of prior period will also be entered in the portal which is meant only for departmental use and it is not open for the public.
  • The portal is expected to bring in greater speed, transparency and efficiency into the Land Management System (LMS) of the Department.
  • With integration of GIS based tool, it will improve decision-making process by removing duplication/unnecessary communication between various stakeholder groups involved in the decision-making process.
  • The technical support for this GIS-based system has been provided by BISAG, India’s premier organization in GIS based informatics.
  • The software, apart from capturing the textual details of all proposals relating to defence management, integrates these textual details with Raksha Bhoomi software as well as other relevant GIS-layers which include satellite imagery of the area, other amenities etc.