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Gains from rains: on monsoon performance

14th July, 2020 Editorial

Monsoon Performance so far:

  • Came at the textbook date of June1.
  • Record pace in covering the country.
  • More rainy days in June. IMD data suggests 14% more rainfall compared to long-term average.
  • Fairly even distribution across the India.
  • Except for northwest India, which is staring at a 3% deficit, the rainfall in east, south and central India has posted surpluses of 13%-20%.


  • High coverage of the Kharif Crop.
  • Enhanced water level in the big reservoir, which will ensure good irrigation facility along with supply of drinking water.
  • Maintain of good supply of the food crop leading to check in food inflation.
  • In Covid 19, agriculture has been the sunshine. Good Monsoon will keep the agriculture growth in progress.
  • Migrants returned to their villages will get job opportunities at farmlands.
  • Good Monsoon will enhance the rural purchasing power leading to overall growth of the economy.


  • June accounts only for the 17% of rain while, July and August accounts for 2/3rd of the rainfall. Monsoon should not get weak during this time.
  • In the coming months, break in monsoon is also observed, which leads to absence of rainfall.

Terms related to Monsoon:


  • Seasonal winds which changes their direction as per reversal in the seasons.
  • Periodic winds

Two types of Monsoon:

  • South West Monsoon : In Summer: Majority of Rainfall
  • North East Monsoon: In Winter: Mainly on the Coast of Chennai

Onset of Monsoon:

  • Arrival of Monsoon
  • Generally on June 1 at the coast of Kerala.

Break in Monsoon:

  • Period of no rainfall.
  • Happens due to parallel flow of winds to the mountains or Northward shift of the ITCZ.

Monsoon burst:

  • Onset of the Monsoon along with the thunder and lightening.

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