UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination 2020 | Essay Question Paper 2020

8th January, 2021 Mains

UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination 2020 | Essay Question Paper 2020

Dear Friends,

Today the Essay paper has been conducted as part of the Civil Services Main Exam 2020 on 08-01-2021.

Please find herein the questions asked in the Essay Paper of UPSC 2020 Civil Services Mains Examination.

Following the similar pattern, there were 8 Essay topics, out of which candidates were asked to write on two topics from each section in 3 hours.


  • Total Marks: 250 marks, Time duration: 3 hours.
  • The essay must be written in the medium authorized in the admission certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this question-cum-answer (QCA) booklet in the space provided.
  • No marks will be given for answers written in the medium other than the authorized one.
  • Word limit, as specified, should be adhered to.
  • Any page or portion of the page left blank, must be struck off clearly.
  • Candidates had to write two essays, choosing one topic from each of the following Sections A and B, in about 1000-1200 words each.


Section A

  1. Life is long journey between human being and being humane
  2. Mindful manifesto is the catalyst to a tranquil self
  3. Ships do not sink because of water around them,  ships sink because of water that gets into them
  4. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Section B

  1. Culture is what we are, civilization is what we have
  2. There can be no social justice without economic prosperity but economic prosperity without social justice is meaningless
  3. Patriarchy is the least noticed yet the most significant structure of social inequality
  4. Technology as the silent factor in international relations

Upcoming Exam Schedule

January 9, 2021 (Saturday) GS I GS II
January 10, 2021 (Sunday) GS III GS IV
January 16, 2021 (Saturday) Indian Language English
January 17, 2021 (Sunday) Optional I Optional II