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Is coaching must for civil service preparation?

12th October, 2022 Miscellaneous

Coaching centers are like the lighthouses of the seashore. CSE preparation needs a planned approach that is systematic & well designed and coaching institutes are too good at its execution.


Coaching centers provide aspirants with the study materials and the direction of what all to read. They instill competitive and fighting spirit, dedication, and motivation for success Very ecosystem of any coaching institute are enabling in the sense that it develops one’s cognitive skills. They ensure covering the syllabus in a time-bound manner. Continued Guidance: The ‘X’ Factor for Preparation. Coaching broadens the scope of Improvement. It results in the edge called Psychological Advantage.


Exams conducted by UPSC are the toughest of all. Due to the vast syllabus of the IAS exams, participating candidates need to follow the path of added tutorials and coaching methods to score best in the exam. Though you can’t deny the fact that, every year, meritorious students living in remote areas of India clear this exam without any support from coaching centers. But, this philosophy not always works, as coaching helps candidates in terms of Static GK, Communication Skills, and proficiency in handling issues and this is what IAS examination demands.


Role of Coaching Centers for IAS Exam Preparation

  • Helps to Complete the Preparation in a Structured manner: The complete preparation pattern requires systemic planning to begin the preparation and cover every aspect related to the exam such as syllabus, preparation revision time, answer writing practice, and so on. Professional teachers in the best IAS coaching centers can also help the aspirants to work on their individual preparation needs which suit their study timing.
  • Stimulates Motivation: A good IAS coaching institute puts forth engaging strategies to keep students interested in the exam preparation module.
  • Prepare With Right Study Material: It’s not that straightforward to search out the most effective sources to complete the syllabus. This is one such aspect that IAS coaching schools are quite sensible about.
  • Arouses Competitive Spirit: under the roof of 50+ students’ classrooms, you get an idea about the level of competition.
  • Scope of Improvement: With the regular lessons and tremendous efforts, you will definitely get positive results in terms of improvement in your writing and communication skills which would decode your fate in the prelims, mains, and interview round.
  • Ideal for Continual Guidance: these are the ideal place to clear all your doubts and understand the topics better.
  • Develops Self Discipline & Time Management: The coaching program develops discipline among students giving them a routine to follow.
  • Advantage of Studying in Group: ensures better retention plus there are a lot of new faces whom you can interact with and exchange ideas on how you can prepare well for cracking IAS exams.


Why Apti Plus Academy:

Even, in the current pandemic, this premier institute for IAS Exam Preparation has remained committed and stood with all the aspirants, and has been doing everything to help their IAS Preparation in every way that is possible. Years of expertise, research, and analysis of Civil Services Examination has driven the Academy to embark upon developing a UPSC Live Classes Program that is in line with the changing dimensions of the UPSC preparation process and is best for IAS Preparation. It introduced an Advanced Learning Management System under which the best quality of education gets delivered straight to home through India's Top Educators. The program is meticulously designed by India’s most adroit professionals having extensive expertise in the field of Civil Services Examination. The objective is thus to simplify the process of IAS Preparation and provide a platform for UPSC Classes that can best suit aspirants and professionals and lead them to the path of success.

Recent achievements:

APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services provides a kind of conducive ecosystem for CSE Preparation to have the roadmap and the will to see that roadmap through to the end. The unprecedented success in recent years, 2014-2019, has reinstated its position as the Best Coaching Institution for Civil Services Exam coaching in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar as well as in Eastern India. The academy has produced top ranks such as AIR 10, 11, 19 in CSE 2019; AIR 20, 43, 54, 63 in IFoS Exam 2019, ranks 5, 6, 17 in WBCS 2018 and ranks 3, 15, 18, 19, 24, 30 in OAS 2018.

Features of the online IAS preparation program:


Why You Should Join Coaching by Apti Plus?

  • A systematic approach to syllabus completion via the class plan
  • Targeted to crack the exam in first attempt
  • 360 Degree Guidance: Learn, Discuss, Test, Revise
  1. Learn:
  • Information-static and dynamic
  • Application of information
  • Opportunity to watch pre-recorded videos as many times
  • Highly qualified and most experienced faculty fraternity who teach in the best coaching institutes of India.
  1. Discussion:
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Personal mentorship under India’s top educators.
  • Weekly live doubt clearing sessions
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism
  1. Test and feedback:
  • The online lecture will be followed by an MCQ discussion for Prelims & a Subjective Question discussion for Mains.
  • UPSC level Prelims and Mains Test Series
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism.
  1. Revise:
  • IAS GYAN study material


What are the benefits of Apti Plus Academy’s courses?


One can choose from the widest range of courses in the UPSC classes program:  NCERT, Program for Regular Course (Prelims + Mains), Course for Optional Subject, Test Series Program. There is a specific backend technical team working exclusively for UPSC classes.

There is a focus on self-paced learning in the best IAS coaching Institute for IAS Preparation and as a result, one can watch pre-recorded video lectures to revise anytime and anywhere! Similarly, one can access pre-recorded UPSC Classes, even if they miss a class. Aspirants get proper guidance, prompt doubt clearing sessions, and mentorship throughout the period of preparation.  Discussions in the UPSC Classes make student participation a priority. Both these points highlight how Apti Plus has become the Best Coaching Institution for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar as well as Eastern India.

APTI PLUS’s UPSC Coaching program is unique with features such as UPSC Classes schedule is highly flexible. There is a categorized pedagogical approach followed in the UPSC Classes for undergraduates, postgraduates & working professionals. There is a wide range of courses available in the UPSC Coaching program under the guidance of eminent faculty members from Delhi and across India. Each Module in this UPSC Coaching program is to be completed in a targeted manner. There are daily assignments & quizzes for holistic preparation of each module in this UPSC Coaching program. Every UPSC classes lecture is to be followed by MCQ discussion for Prelims & Subjective Question discussion for Mains.

APTI PLUS Classroom program is unique with features such as: 

  • There is no one size fits all approach rather a tailored approach.
  • The class schedule is highly flexible.
  • Aspirants can choose from a wide range of courses.
  • There is stage-wise training to unlock understanding.
  • There are predetermined small batch sizes: Space & ambiance for one-to-one interaction with mentors.
  • There is regular re-structuring of course curriculum to synchronize with changing patterns of Civil Services Examination.
  • Separate doubt clearing sessions apart from regular classes.
  • There is the provisioning of comprehensive study materials and General Studies books (Free of cost).
  • Detailed performance analysis of each aspirant by experts and academicians at regular intervals.
  • It houses a library that houses a wide collection of books, journals & periodicals.
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism: When in doubt, call or mail. Anywhere & anytime.
  • The academy has very nominal fees as compared to other institutes in Kolkata.

Study material:

Books for General Studies (Prelims + Mains) dispatched by courier within a week of enrolment. There is a provision to access study materials in e- format/ PDF format. A bookmark option to customize important study materials is available. Study materials are designed by renowned academicians

Personalized training:

Student Discussion Forum allows Interaction which boosts retention of topics and leads to healthy competition to enhance learning & stay motivated continuously. Personalized Mentoring allows undivided attention to each and every aspirant individually and performance monitoring & Feedback on the level of preparation after regular intervals. 


For UPSC classes, the Academy has drawn in the most imminent faculty members from across India which makes it the Best Class for UPSC. As a result, quality teaching, individual attention, and an all-inclusive education have become the hallmark of the Institute. The highly qualified and most experienced faculty fraternity teaches in the best coaching institutes of India.

They are dedicated and committed to students’ complete success and provide assistive surroundings to contribute to their all-around development.  No other coaching institute in Kolkata providing UPSCclasses boasts of having such a skilled faculty fraternity. There is a mix of experienced dynamic and young sharp-minded faculties who have either cleared the exam or went till the interview stage of the examination which by itself gives confidence among the students. 


APTI PLUS is also a top-ranked Civil Service coaching institute in Bhubaneswar providing coaching for both IAS and OAS examinations. The APTI PLUS coaching center at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar started in the year 2015. It is the most sought-after Civil Service coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.


The institute imparts the aspirants with value-based career education, abundant resources, and individual attention. APTI PLUS very well understands that it has a responsibility to nurture ethical and responsible career leadership in the aspirants and provide a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in the future civil servants of the country.


Since its inception in 2005-06, Apti Plus has designed delivered perfected, and innovated the art and science of teaching and guiding aspirants for civil services. It has ticked every box of civil services coaching which mostly prevails in the well-renowned coaching institutions of Delhi. With the advent of the Apti Plus Academy for Civil Services, the distant dream of the aspirants from Eastern India to crack the prestigious civil services exam has become a reality.