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Transforming higher education

23rd July, 2020 Editorial


  • Prevailing condition of higher education and possible ways to remedy it.

Existing Conditions:

  • Closing of the educational institute due to the pandemic.
  • Focus is on Home based learning.
  • Focus should be on accessible and affordable home based education along with complete reform of education.

Objective of Education:

  • Providing knowledge in the relevant discipline to the students.
  • The education imparted to the students will need to be supplemented with the skills needed for their jobs/enterprises.
  • Mould characters of students.
  • Make them able to play a constructive role in shaping the society and the world at large using the values and ideals of a modern, progressive society.

Concern with Higher Education:

  • Small number of self-motivated students.
  • Poor learning among the large number of students.
  • Huge gulf between the curriculums taught in the colleges and actual job requirements.
  • Lack of skills or knowledge to add to employability of students in order to reap the demographic dividend.
  • Focus on completion of the syllabus without concern of outcomes.
  • Undue emphasis on examinations to evaluate students’ knowledge.

Way Forward:

  • Re-evaluate the syllabus every now and then to ensure that the syllabus is in line with the industrial requirements.
  • Emphasis on substantive industrial internships as part of the course work in colleges.
  • The evaluation of the learning outcomes of the students can be a mix of regular assignments, performance in the internship as rated both by the industry and the college, and a light, home-based proctored exam.

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