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18th November, 2023 Security

coastal security exercise, Sagar Kavach, Indian Coast Guard, Kerala, Mahe.

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  • The coastal security exercise 'Sagar Kavach' is a half-yearly drill conducted by the Indian Coast Guard with the aim of assessing and validating coastal security mechanisms and operational procedures.
  • The exercise is scheduled to take place in Kerala and Mahe on November 16-17, 2023. 


Key Features of 'Sagar Kavach'

Participating Entities:

  • The exercise involves active participation from multiple agencies including the Indian Navy, Coastal Police/State Police, Intelligence Bureau, Customs, CISF, Department of Port, Department of Fisheries, Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships (DGLL), and Kadalora Jagiratha Samithi.
  • It operates through two teams, the Attack (Red) and Defence (Blue) forces.
  • The Attack teams simulate infiltration attempts into coastal areas from the sea, while the Defence team establishes Coastal Security Surveillance to intercept and neutralize these attempts.
  • During the last exercise held in April 2023, all attacks were effectively neutralized by the Coastal Security Group (Blue Force).


  • Covering the entire Kerala and Mahe coast spanning 590 km, the exercise aims to fortify coastal security mechanisms.

Synergized Efforts:

  • Regular conduct of such exercises over time has significantly enhanced coordination among stakeholders, creating an effective framework for coastal security.

Indian Coast Guard (ICG)

  • The ICG is a vital maritime law enforcement and search-and-rescue agency established under the Coast Guard Act, 1978.
  • It operates under the Ministry of Defence and has jurisdiction over India's territorial waters, contiguous zone, and exclusive economic zone.
  • Collaborating closely with multiple agencies like the Indian Navy, Department of Fisheries, Department of Revenue (Customs), Central Armed Police Forces, and State Police Services, the Coast Guard plays a crucial role in ensuring maritime security and safety.


'Sagar Kavach' underscores the significance of collaborative efforts and thorough exercises in fortifying coastal security mechanisms. Through such drills, involving various stakeholders, the Indian Coast Guard ensures preparedness and coordination to effectively safeguard India's coastal areas.


Q. Which of the following statements regarding the 'Sagar Kavach' coastal security exercise conducted by the Indian Coast Guard is NOT accurate?

A) 'Sagar Kavach' is a half-yearly exercise aimed at assessing coastal security mechanisms and validating standard operating procedures.

B) The exercise involves participation from agencies like the Indian Navy, Coastal Police/State Police, Intelligence Bureau, Customs, CISF, and Department of Fisheries, among others.

C) Attack teams during the exercise simulate infiltration attempts from the land, while the Defence team establishes Coastal Security Surveillance to neutralize these attempts.

D) Fishermen are advised to report any unknown vessels operating close to the coast to the Indian Coast Guard during the exercise.

Answer: C)