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New species of jumping spiders

8th July, 2024 Environment

New species of jumping spiders

Source: The Hindu

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  • Two new species of jumping spiders, Habrocestum benjamin and Habrocestum swaminathan have been found in the southern Western Ghats of Kerala.


Habrocestum benjamin:

  • Location: Found in Thusharagiri, Kozhikode District, Kerala state, India.
  • Habitat: This species was discovered in the substrate of—damp fallen leaves of a tropical rainforest.
  • Behaviour: Sought to remain concealed inside shelters formed on small and low leaves by rolling the blade of those leaves.
  • Significance: Among the new species, it places the new members of the genus Habrocestum in the Indian peninsula so that people can better understand the peculiarities of local species.
  • Endemic: Some of the specific fauna present in the southern Western Ghats and helping underlining the importance of habitat conservation.

Habrocestum swaminathan:

  • Location: Found in the Silent valley national park situated in Palakkad district of Kerala state.
  • Habitat: Close to water sources around the national park.
  • Endemic: Taxa specifically found in the southern region of the Western Ghats with emphasis on their characteristics.
  • Conservation: Underlines protection of certain species and the regions where they are situated as the key goal of biodiversity conservation.


The Hindu


Q. Which of the following statements about the recent discoveries of jumping spiders in the southern Western Ghats is correct?

A) The spiders were discovered in the Sahyadri region.

B) The discoveries include two new species, Habrocestum benjamin and Habrocestum swaminathan.

C) Jumping spiders do not have good vision.

D) The discoveries were made by marine biologists.

Answer: B)