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29th July, 2023 Science and Technology

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Context: INDIAai and Meta India have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create a framework for collaboration and cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. The MoU aims to make Meta’s open-source AI models accessible for various applications.


Key points of the MoU

Partnership and Collaboration

  • INDIAai, a knowledge portal and research organization in India's AI ecosystem, has partnered with Meta India. The MoU aims to establish a framework for collaboration and cooperation in the field of AI and emerging technologies.

Open-Source AI Models

  • As part of the collaboration, Meta will make its open-source AI models, such as Llama, Massively Multilingual Speech, and No Language Left Behind, available for use in India. These models are expected to be leveraged for joint research and development to tackle large-scale challenges.

Centre of Excellence

  • The organizations are considering establishing a centre of excellence to support and nurture the startup ecosystem in the AI and emerging technology fields.

Focus on Indian Languages

  • A major focus of the collaboration is on building datasets in Indian languages to enable translation and large language models. Priority will be given to low-resource languages, which can foster social inclusion and improve government service delivery.

Promoting Responsible AI Practices

  • INDIAai and Meta India will also work together to promote responsible AI practices by collaboratively developing comprehensive tools and guidelines.

The partnership between INDIAai and Meta India aims to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies, foster social inclusion, spur innovation, and strengthen India's digital leadership in the AI domain. The focus on Indian languages and low-resource languages can lead to significant advancements in AI applications in the country, addressing unique needs and challenges.

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Q.  The term “INDIAai” was frequently seen in the news, it is related with;

A) A government agency responsible for AI research in India

B) A global AI company with operations in India

C) A knowledge portal, research organization, and ecosystem-building initiative in India's AI domain

D) A startup incubator focusing on emerging technologies

Answer: C

Explanation: INDIAai is an organization that aims to unite and promote collaborations within India's AI ecosystem by providing a knowledge portal, conducting research, and supporting the development of the AI startup ecosystem.