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17th July, 2023 History

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  • At the G-20 Sherpa meet in Hampi officials prepared the G-20 draft and related development agenda.
  • However two contentious paragraphs dealing with Ukraine were to be decided in the 4th and final Sherpa meeting in September.

Other Details

  • The 4th and final G-20 Sherpa meeting would be held in September 2023 in New Delhi India.
  • Officials are expecting a compromise between the G-7 countries and the Russia-China combine.

Hope for Joint Declaration

  • They are confident to reach to a joint declaration regarding the same.
  • The expectations of such joint declaration are heightened because of various reasons -
    • It was supported by some countries during bilateral meetings.
    • Favourable sofa talks between representatives of countries.
    • Brazil and Russia suggested a possible compromise
  • Brazil will play an important role in September summit as a host to next year’s G-20 meet.

Position of Sherpa on such geopolitical discussions -

  • No need to waste much time now to discuss such issues like Russia and Ukraine.
  • Five different proposals for possible language are already created.
  • There are many other important issues for developing countries and emerging markets such as
    • Debt vulnerability.
    • Inclusive growth.
    • Gender empowerment.
    • Sustainable development goals.
    • Green transition
  • A common ground is needed to secure international peace and security.


  • Earlier it was discussed and most members agreed that in the development forum security issues should not be discussed.
  • Also most of the countries agree that the impact of U.S. and European sanctions on the global economy should not be discussed.
  • S.-led G-7 countries were of a different opinion as they believe security issues in Ukraine have become developmental challenges. This is because of
    • Rise of inflation including food.
    • Shortage of fuel and fertilizer.

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