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From locker rooms to classrooms  

12th August, 2020 Editorial

Context: Instances of non-consensual sharing of images online to threaten and shame girls and women have raised serious questions about the mindsets of all youngsters. Public opinion has pointed the finger at the growing and sometimes nefarious influence of technology. Deactivating social media handles or deleting so-called provocative photos does not address the real problem.


The National Commission for Women has reported a surge in domestic violence and cybercrimes, which has made girls and women more vulnerable as they struggle to fight another pandemic of violence and abuse inside their homes and online.


Various initiatives

  • For those looking to prevent and counter cyber bullying, UNESCO’s information booklet, ‘Safe online learning in times of COVID-19’, can also be a useful reference.
  • The booklet, developed in partnership with the National Council of Educational Research and Training, supports the creation of safe digital spaces and addresses nuances of privacy, especially in the current context.
  • ‘Action for Equality’ programme, driven by our partner the Equal Community Foundation, has already trained over 130 educators across India on how to engage boys to achieve gender equality through educational interventions.
  • Societies across the world must sensitise children and young women and men towards understanding the repercussion of their choices and guide them towards a more sound actualization of their own individualities.


Message from movements

  • From Riot Grrrl to #MeToo and other actions, it is fairly evident that the global movements towards gender equality and the eradication of violence against women are here to stay and hopefully to grow.
  • One of the most important lessons to be drawn from these movements is that change can be effected through peaceful means when people come together to confront the dominant social norms.
  • Just as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis demand interconnectedness, the challenge of gender inequality too is a battle that cannot be fought in silos.
  • The pandemic is hopefully a gateway between the current world and the next and in our quest to get back to normal, let us reconsider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.