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18th August, 2023 Geography

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The launch of a mobile application called "FloodWatch" by the Chairman of the Central Water Commission (CWC), Shri Kushvinder Vohra.


  • Chairman of Central Water Commission (CWC), Shri Kushvinder Vohra, launched the mobile application "FloodWatch."
  • Aim: Disseminate real-time flood information and forecasts up to 7 days using mobile phones.
  • App developed in-house, with readable and audio broadcast features.
  • Information available in English and Hindi.

Key Features of "FloodWatch" App

  • Real-Time Flood Monitoring: Users can check up-to-date flood situations across the country. Utilizes near real-time river flow data from various sources.
  • Interactive Map for Forecast: Users can access CWC Flood Forecast (up to 24 hours) or Flood Advisory (up to 7 days) using an interactive map. Selection of stations directly on the map or via search box. Zoomed-in map view for selected station.
  • State-wise/Basin-wise Forecast: Provides State-wise/Basin-wise Flood Forecast (up to 24 hours) or Flood Advisory (up to 7 days).

Selection options: specific stations, state wise, or basin wise.

  • Widespread Accessibility and Platforms: User-friendly Android app, accessible globally. Free download from Google Play Store. Available on Apple iOS soon.
  • Utilization of Advanced Technologies: "FloodWatch" app employs advanced technologies such as satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling, and real-time monitoring. Aims to deliver accurate and timely flood forecasts.
  • Addressing the Public and App Benefits: Shri Vohra expressed delight in introducing the "FloodWatch" app. Emphasized app's provision of real-time flood situation and forecasts to the public. User-friendly interface for easy access to crucial flood information. Helps users stay informed and minimize risks during flood events.


Q) Consider the following statements about "FloodWatch" mobile application:

  1. The "FloodWatch" app offers an interactive map feature that allows users to directly select a station for flood forecasts and provides information in English, Hindi, and regional languages.
  2.  Users of the "FloodWatch" app can access flood forecasts up to 7 days in advance through satellite data analysis and mathematical modeling.

Select the correct statements using the codes below:

(a)1 only

(b)2 only

(c)Both 1 and 2

(d)Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: A