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Exercise nomadic elephant

4th July, 2024 Security

Exercise nomadic elephant

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  • The 16thedition of India-Mongolia Joint Military Exercise NOMADIC ELEPHANT commenced today, at Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya). The Exercise is scheduled to be conducted from 03rd to 16th July 2024.


Exercise Nomadic Elephant is a bilateral military exercise between India and Mongolia. It aims to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding between the two nations’ armed forces, focusing on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations under the United Nations mandate.

Aim: The aim of the Exercise is to enhance joint military capability of both sides to undertake counter insurgency operations in a Sub Conventional scenario under Chapter VII of the United Nations Mandate. The exercise will focus on operations in the semi-urban and mountainous terrain.

Key Details:

  • Countries Involved: India and Mongolia.
  • Type of Exercise: Bilateral Military Exercise.
  • Primary Focus:
    • Counter-insurgency operations.
    • Counter-terrorism operations.
    • Enhance interoperability between the armed forces of the two countries.
    • Frequency: Annual (conducted almost every year).


  • Strengthen Military Cooperation: Enhance the defense relations between India and Mongolia by sharing knowledge and experiences in military tactics and strategies.
  • Joint Training: Conduct joint training in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.
  • Interoperability: Improve the ability of the two forces to operate together in UN peacekeeping missions.

Nomadic Elephant 2023

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Participants: Indian Army’s infantry battalion and Mongolian Armed Forces.

Activities: Joint tactical drills. Live firing exercises. Strategic discussions and cooperative planning


Exercise Nomadic Elephant, often seen in the news, is a joint military exercise between India and which of the following countries?

(a) Japan

(b) Mongolia

(c) Australia

(d) France

Answer: (b) Mongolia.



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