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5th August, 2023 Polity

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Context: The Government has recently extended the term of the 22nd Law Commission upto 31st August 2024.


  • The Law Commission of India is a non-statutory body that was established to conduct legal research and make recommendations for the reform of the law in India. It has played a vital role in the development of the Indian legal system, by suggesting amendments to existing laws, drafting new legislation, and reviewing the implementation of laws.

Composition of the 22nd Law Commission of India

  • A full-time Chairperson, who is usually a retired judge of the Supreme Court or a High Court.
  • Four full-time Members (including Member-Secretary), who are experts in law, administration, or social sciences.
  • Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs as ex officio Member, who represents the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Secretary, Legislative Department as ex officio Member, who is responsible for drafting and vetting of bills and ordinances.
  • Not more than five part-time Members, who are eminent persons from various fields such as academia, civil society, or media.

The functions of the 22nd Law Commission of India are to:

  • Identify laws that are obsolete, redundant, or inconsistent with the Constitution or other laws and suggest their repeal or amendment.
  • Examine existing laws and propose measures to simplify them and remove ambiguities or anomalies.
  • Study the socio-economic conditions and public opinion and suggest reforms to make laws more responsive and effective.
  • Research emerging areas of law such as cyber law, environmental law, human rights law, etc. and recommend suitable legislation or amendments.
  • Review the implementation and impact of laws and suggest measures to improve their enforcement and compliance.
  • Advise the Government on any legal matter referred to it by the President or a Minister.

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Q. Discuss the significance of the Law Commission in shaping legal reforms and its impact on the Indian legal system. Highlight the challenges it faces and suggest potential ways forward to enhance its effectiveness in addressing contemporary legal issues.