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24th June, 2024 Geography


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Context:  The International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) celebrates World Hydrography Day on June 21, 2024, to highlight the importance of hydrography in improving knowledge of seas and oceans.

World Hydrography Day

  • On June 21 each year, the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) celebrates World Hydrography Day to raise awareness about the importance of hydrography.
    • The IHO, formerly known as the International Hydrographic Bureau, was established in 1921 to facilitate consultation between governments on matters related to technical standards, safe navigation, and the protection of the marine environment.
  • It was established by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in 2005 and is observed on 21 June, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the IHO.
  • The theme for 2024, "Hydrographic Information - Enhancing Safety, Efficiency and Sustainability in Marine Activities," emphasises the evolving role of hydrographic services in the face of advancements such as e-navigation, autonomous shipping, and emission reduction.

Hydrography is the scientific study of water bodies and adjacent coastal areas, playing a vital role in maritime safety, environmental management, and economic development. It utilizes advanced technologies such as multibeam echo sounders to map water depth, seafloor topography, and coastal features.





Q. The ocean absorbs a significant portion of atmospheric CO2, leading to ocean acidification. However, this acidification can also impact the ocean's ability to absorb CO2. Explain potential mechanisms by which ocean acidification can create a positive feedback loop with climate change, and discuss the potential consequences for future atmospheric CO2 concentrations.