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Vizhinjam Port

9th July, 2024 Economy

Vizhinjam Port

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  • Adani Group's Vizhinjam Port near Kerala's Kovalam beach is set to receive its first mothership.


  • Location and Purpose: India's first deep-water container transshipment port, located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.
  • Technological Advancements: First automated port in India, situated adjacent to an international shipping route, just 10 nautical miles away from the busiest east-west shipping channel.
  • Natural Advantages: Boasts a natural depth of 20 meters without dredging, facilitating the accommodation of world's largest cargo ships and cruise liners.
  • Infrastructure Highlights: Features India's deepest breakwater (7.5 meters above waterline, 22 meters below), second longest (3.1 km, extending to 4.5 km), and tallest ship-to-shore crane (74 meters total lifting height).
  • Strategic Importance: Provides direct access to global trade networks, expected to handle 50% of India's container transshipment needs currently routed through Dubai, Colombo, and Singapore.
  • Financial and Operational Details: First phase costs ₹7,700 crore, with a total project cost of ₹31,000 crore; operated by Adani Group under a 40-year agreement with the Government of Kerala.
  • Expected Impact: Set to streamline cargo movement, reduce dependency on international ports, and boost transshipment activities.

Vizhinjam Port





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