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Context: The COVID restrictions, known as Title 42, will expire at the US-Mexico border; it was initially enacted by the former President of the United States Donald Trump in March 2020.



  • “Title 42” is a public health order that was invoked by the Trump administration in March 2020 to expel most migrants caught at the U.S.-Mexico border without allowing them to seek asylum.
  • The order was based on the premise that migrants posed a risk of spreading COVID-19 in detention facilities and communities. However, many critics argued that Title 42 was a pretext to restrict immigration and violate human rights.

Recent Steps

  • President Biden, who promised a more humane approach to immigration, kept Title 42 in place for more than a year, despite legal challenges and pressure from advocacy groups.
  • Recently, the USA President announced lifting Title 42. This means that migrants who cross the border will be able to request asylum, a legal right under U.S. and international law.
    • The administration expects a surge in border crossings, as many migrants have been waiting in Mexico or other countries for a chance to enter the U.S.
  • To prepare, the administration has deployed additional troops and resources to the border and has implemented new measures to deter and deport migrants quickly.
    • For example, it plans to issue a new regulation that would deny asylum to most migrants who passed through another country without seeking protection there or who failed to use other legal pathways to enter the U.S.
    • The administration also intends to use expedited screenings and removals for certain migrants, such as those who have criminal records or pose security threats.


  • The end of Title 42 marks a significant shift in U.S. border policy, with humanitarian and political implications. On one hand, it restores the right to seek asylum for thousands of people fleeing violence, persecution and poverty in their home countries. On the other hand, it poses a challenge for the administration to manage the influx of migrants, while balancing public health concerns, human rights obligations and public opinion.


Q. The term “Title 42” is frequently seen in the news. It is related with;

A.      Property rights of tribal

B.      A type of intellectual property rights

C.      COVID-19 restrictions

D.      A new Malware

Answer: C