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25th June, 2024 Geography


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Picture Courtesy: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/parisians-threatening-to-poop-in-the-seine-river-this-weekend-to-protest-the-olympics/

Context: The Seine River's pollution made it difficult to hold swimming competitions or the opening ceremony during the Paris Olympics.


  • The Seine River in Paris, despite significant efforts to clean it up ahead of the 2024 Olympics, remains too polluted to host swimming events, according to city officials.
  • Despite an investment of $1.5 billion aimed at improving water quality, recent heavy rainfall has exacerbated pollution levels, particularly with elevated counts of E. Coli bacteria.

About Seine River

  • The Seine River is one of France's most significant waterways, known for its historical and economic importance.
  • The River spans approximately 775 kilometres, making it France's second-longest river after the Loire.
  • Its drainage basin, known as the Paris Basin, covers about 79,000 square kilometres, primarily encompassing northern France.
  • The River originates in the Burgundy region, near the town of Dijon, at an elevation of 446 meters above sea level.
  • As it flows northwest towards Paris, it is joined by the Marne River, one of its major tributaries, on the right bank.
  • In Paris, the Seine travels through the city from west to east.
  • It empties into the English Channel, which separates northern France from southern England.






Q. Seine River is frequently seen in the news, it is located in:

A. Paris, France

B. Rome, Italy

C. London, England

D. Berlin, Germany

Answer: A