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Sebex 2

3rd July, 2024 Security

Sebex 2

Source: ET

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  • India has taken a significant stride towards achieving self-reliance in defence with the development of a new explosive more potent than Trinitrotoluene (TNT).


  • India has introduced SEBEX 2, a high-performance explosive with a TNT equivalence of 01. Developed under the Make in India initiative by Economic Explosives Limited, SEBEX 2 enhances the effectiveness of various munitions without increasing weight.
  • Certified by the Indian Navy, SEBEX 2, SITBEX 1 and SIMEX 4 demonstrate India's growing capabilities in military technology. This offers significant export potential and enhances global security efforts.

What is SEbex-2?

SEbex-2 is a new-generation explosive with a reported TNT equivalence of 2.01, meaning it is twice as powerful as standard TNT. A total of three new explosive formulations have been developed by Economic Explosives Ltd, a subsidiary of the Nagpur-based Solar Industries.

Aim: It is aimed at revolutionizing artillery shells and warheads by further enhancing their destructive power without adding extra weight to them. The new formulation of SEBEX 2 was rigorously tested under the Defence Export Promotion Scheme of the Navy

Advantages of SEbex-2:

  • Increased Destructive Power: It can impose greater damage on targets with a smaller quantity of explosives. This can be particularly beneficial for applications like bunker-busting or destroying heavily fortified positions.
  • Reduced Weight and Size: Due to its increased effectiveness, less SEbex-2 is needed to achieve the same destructive force compared to conventional explosives. This allows for lighter and more maneuverable warheads for missiles and bombs.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The reduced weight of SEbex-2-equipped munitions can potentially extend the operational range of aircraft and missiles, enhancing their overall effectiveness.

Significance for India's Defense Sector:

  • Modernization of Weaponry: It can be integrated into existing and future Indian weaponry, enhancing their destructive potential and keeping pace with advancements in global military technology.
  • Strategic Advantage: A more potent explosive can provide India with a strategic edge in potential conflicts, deterring aggression and strengthening its national security posture.
  • Export Potential: SEbex-2's success could pave the way for India's entry into the international arms market, promoting economic benefits and technological collaborations.


SEbex-2 has set a milestone in India's quest for indigenous defense solutions. Its potential to enhance military capabilities and potentially contribute to the nation's economic growth is undeniable. However, responsible development, adherence to safety protocols, and a commitment to peaceful applications are essential for maximizing the benefits of this new technology.



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How does SEbex-2 contribute to India's goal of achieving self-reliance in the defense sector? Discuss the broader implications of this development for India's strategic posture and its potential role in the international arms market.